My First Blog Award!

Complete the questions below and share seven random facts about yourself.
Remember to link back to the person who gave you the award.

Then pass the award on to 10 of your fellow bloggers, and let them know you gave it to them!

Name: Serenity A. Edward
Your favorite song: “Defying Gravity” from the musical, Wicked
Your favorite dessert: Cheesecake
What pisses you off: People who don’t want to help themselves or are always looking for an easy way out.
When you’re upset, you: Try to find the positive in the situation and move past it.
Your favorite pet: Dogs, specifically Chihuhuas. I currently have a Jack Russell Terrier for an animal companion.
Black or White: Black
Your biggest fear: Not passing the Bar
Best Feature: My ability to bounce back from adversity and thrive, turning a disadvantage to my advantage.
Everyday Attitude: Focused and committed to success
What Is Perfection?: Life
Guilty Pleasure: A little trash TV sometimes

Seven Random Things About Me

  • I am an Army veteran
  • I wish I could be a celebrity hairstylist/makeup artist and chef
  • I love karaoke
  • I’m an avid reader
  • In my perfect world, I would be working for myself
  • I really love being married more than anything in the world
  • I Twitter religiously and Facebook rarely.

I now bestow this award to the following great bloggers:

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Congratulations and enjoy!

The Modern Married Chick

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