Starting Over

So our story is the same as everyone else’s: Boy meets girl over internet, chats with her for 10 days and falls madly in love — sight unseen. Asks girl to marry him.

Girl decides she likes what she hears, and, six months later, takes him up on his offer.

One whirlwind weekend trip to Vegas and the deed was done. No muss, no fuss.
No bridesmaids dresses.

That was ten years ago.

Fast Forward: One stint in the Army, a deployment to Iraq, moves to Germany, North Carolina, Texas, California and Arizona, multiple  jobs, cars, dogs, apartments and houses later…

We lost it all.

And when I say we lost everything, over time we lost…


Over a period of months, we watched with horror, with panic, with anger, with frustration, with humiliation, with sadness as every piece of the life we created was taken, repossessed, or was left behind.

And even as this was happening around us, a resolve inside us began to grow. We realized with all we’d lost, there had retained what was most important. Our bodies. Our minds. Our knowledge. Our health. Our work ethic. Our desire to do better.

And we have.

We have literally worked our way across country from Chicago to Austin over a period of six months, picking up jobs along the way and saving enough of it to fund our trip.  We slept in our car for the most part, along with our only possessions left — clothes, a few family pictures, five books, important documents — only what we could pack in our car.

The remnants of lives not completely lived.

And, once we got to Austin, life had one more trick up its sleeve. The car was taken and we were truly living on the streets and fending for ourselves the best way we could.

It was hard. It was humiliating. It was demoralizing. It was frustrating. It was…our lives.

But we were blessed to get decent jobs very quickly. After that came the apartment, the furniture, the car and even a dog from rescue in short order.

We are now at the point of truly being able to start over, and I can only think of all the good things we have been able to take from this bad experience:

We are truly grateful now for even the basics: a roof over our head, food to eat, basic mode of transportation.

Our worldview has changed and we are more aware of the true suffering that people are experiencing all around us in this new economy.

Our marriage is stronger because we never abandoned it, or each other.

So now we begin again, and here I will chronicle our lives as we start over. Some posts will be retrospective, so very much in the present, some funny, some sad, some angry.

All real.

I  welcome you all to our lives, where we have a new motto: “Downsized, but not down and out.


The Modern Married Chick



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