Weekend WrapUp: The Birthday Edition

Well, all truth be told, this has been probably the one of the best weekends I have experienced in 2011 — and not just because it was my birthday (although that didn’t hurt either).

What made it so great was that I took TIME.  I slept. I ate. I cooked. I cleaned. I vegged. I wrote. I Twittered. I Facebooked. I dreamed. I laughed. I read. I walked. I enjoyed. I even blogged.  All the things I haven’t had time time to do regularly in about a year, I took a whole three days to experience and relish.

And what didn’t I do?

Worry. Stress. Get angry. Feel sad. Long for. Wonder about. Obsess over. Feel disappointment or loss. At no time during this weekend did I  engage in any long-term negativity.

And, boy, did that feel good.

I received presents, in the form of material goods, but also in lovely tweets and well wishes on Facebook and via phone. And all this positive energy feed my soul in the best ways possible.

I found my center.

So I am done with starting over. I am now only forging ahead.

What a weekend.




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